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The American College of Medical Foot Care & Esthetics (ACMFCE) has been formed to promote universal safety standards for the sterile, effective treatment of routine foot care; for a sterile protective environment for foot care; for safety in foot care work areas; and foot product safety.  With public awareness of the transmissibility of infections from one person to another learned in the COVID-19 pandemic, it is now critical to protect the public and prevent harm.

Our Leadership Team

Dr. Robert Spalding

Dr. Spalding has a solo podiatry practice in Signal Mountain, TN since 1998 that specializes in treatment of nail salon infections, fungal nail care expertise, general and foot pain with lasers. Dr. Spalding has developed multiple online training courses ANT, MNT, and CCPMA for advanced nail technologists, medical nail technicians and podiatric medical assistants that ultimately lead to certification with the American College of Foot And Ankle Orthopedics and Medicine, and now with the American College of Foot Care & Eshetics (ACMFCE). Dr. Spalding is regularly consulting as a podiatric medical forensic expert and or testifies in nail salon lawsuit injury cases. As a former paramedic, a former law enforcement officer and a former local politician, Dr. Spalding is spearheading a bill for a local, state and federal grants or tax deductions for updated sterilization, ventilation & foot care education in medical facilities and salons.