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Nail Technicians/Cosmetology Professionals

“Two Issues that have finally changed the Medical Foot Care Profession & the Salon Industry Disinfection Practices & Education forever….
COVID 19 and 70% Hand Sanitizers

Dr. Robert Spalding

Nationwide, US state cosmetology boards mandate disinfectants that are grossly sub-standard for the skin/nail debridement & friction contact services nail salons provide.

Because of COVID 19,  every person in the US now knows what percent alcohol you need in any hand sanitizer or disinfectant to kill germs whether virus or bacteria. Per the CDC you need 60-90% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol. It is critical to exceed the given industry standards.

You can be ACMFCE certified without being a full member or having advanced training!

Many nail techs already are providing the highest care above State Standards. ACMFCE legally documents and list your certification. Simply fill out this questionnaire document that provides a legal signature to attest you provide the highest level of foot care excellence!